Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hey guys! So I recently went shopping and one of my favorites items that I have been wearing most often is my white floral wire headband. To be honest I was never one of those little kids that liked things in their hair. It was au naturel with me. Rockin' bed head since 95' and lovin' it. But I think that wire headbands are much better because you can mold them to your head the way that pleases you best. I have been wearing it in a couple different ways and I thought that I would share it with you. 

The first way that I like to wear it would be as I like to call it the "coachella way". I have no idea why I like to call it that since I have never been to coachella but for some reason I feel like the name suits it well. I just simple measure my head and whatever excess is twisted around. 

The next one which I wear most often is simply just a bow. I think it makes any outfit super girly and cute and it just adds a little something extra to your outfit. I part my hair so that most of my hair is behind the head and the small pieces that shape my face are kept in the front. Then I wrap it in between the two section that I created, then twist it to secure. From that point on you are left with two pieces and all you have to do is twist them in the opposite direction. I know it sounds super complicated but I swear its the total opposite.

The last way is just a regular headband. This way is super traditional but slightly better.You know when you get the regular elastic one and then there's a bump in the back of your hair because of it and when you take off it off you have a headache? Yea, I know it sucks, with wire headbands that doesn't happen! Isn't great? I think so too.  

I hope every one has a great fourth of July tomorrow! 

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