Saturday, December 26, 2015

Birthday Dinners! 

This week was a rather big week for me. I FINALLY turned 20!!! Whoooooo!! It actually feels really weird, I keep wanting to tell people that I'm still 18 but I can't. I'm a bit sad because I'm no longer a teen and according to my law class I can't void a contract anymore. Haha, I'm such a dork. 

However, I cant wait for all the weird adventures this year will bring and all the people I will meet and places I will see. Even turning 21 is still a huge event I'm looking forward to! I think I might be getting way ahead of my self there so let me just start with turning 20...

I was super lucky this year because I got to celebrate multiple times through out my birthday week. Mainly cause my birthday had landed on the same day I had a lot of finals, so celebrating with everyone that day would have been tough. So instead, I celebrated on Sunday at Butter for brunch! 

The menu was so epic and different and the place was beautiful! 
 To start we had a basket of warm goodies and sweet. That doughnut in the picture was sooo good!! Then we had to try the gnocchi mac and cheese that was completely covered in strips of bacon. Isn't that just everyone's dream? Cause it's definitely mine! Then I had my burger, but the fries was the true heroes! I dipped each and every single one in that garlic ailoi dip on the side and last but not least, I stole some of my mom's brioche french toast topped with sugar and fruit. And let me tell you, it tasted fifty thousand times better than it looks! It was perfectly creamy, fluffy, sweet, and acidic! 

The next day I got to celebrate was on Tuesday, the actual day of my birthday. I had finished my finals and meet up with two of my favorite peoples! We went to an ice cream place first because there was a 45 mins wait to our restaurant. So I got a sugar cone with Thai ice cream which was so so good! It literally tasted like Thai ice tea but in ice cream form. 

Then once we were finished we headed to our restaurant and where we order pork buns, spare ribs, and chicken wings. And let me tell you that they were SO BOMB! The chicken wing was fried to perfection and coated in this sauce that was perfectly acidic, salty, and light. The pork buns were fluffy, soft, and had a squirt of mayo to coat a piece of pork belly that was tender and smothered in sauce. Can you tell that I might be in love with the pork buns? haha. 

Finally our ramen came, and what can I say, it had it all. It had a buttery soup base, chewy noodles, more tender pork, and was completely garnished with mushrooms and scallions. Utter perfection, I tell you, utter perfection! 

I'm going to stop now cause I'm making me hungry and I'm probably making you hungry. Is it too late to say sorry? I will say that I am beyond grateful for everyone who celebrated my birthday with me and that this birthday was ah-mazing!!

Friday, December 18, 2015