Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hang out in Chelsea Market and the Highline!

Last Monday, I went to the Chelsea Market with my best friend and it was so awesome! We tried some food, window shopped, and took some pictures. I was really proud with most of these pictures and wanted to share them with you! 

Half Stracciatella Gelato and Half Hazelnut Gelato. Literally to die for. 

Blueberry apricot Popsicle, I believe. I'm not sure on the apricot part but I am sure about the blueberry part. Its was so refreshing on a such a hot day. We ate these while watch the view from the beautiful Highline. 

*Warning these next two pictures suck* 
I was vlogging in the market and I forgot to take pictures but I did record some footage. So, I just screenshot a part of the video and its crap but the food was delicious.

Just in case you wanted to look at some amazing pictures of num pang sandwiches to convince you, cause my pictures of their sandwich are such crap, I linked their insta account. 


My sandwich from num pang and my cherry hibiscus tea from the tea and spice shop in the market. (I didn't catch the name but its the loose tea and spice store. You cant miss it. ) 
The sandwich was the perfect balance of spicy, sweet, and vinegary. I have had it before but I want my friend to try it out and she loved it. 

The next two pictures didn't really fit in anywhere in the post that I liked so I just put them at the end. :)