Friday, May 30, 2014

Hey guys! Guess what arrived in the mail today? My Glossybox! I was so excited to get it and when it arrived in its cute little packaging I had to rip it open. I opened it up to see the usual description of the six products inside with an extra gift card to Bergdorf Goodman. 

This is my first Glossybox subscription and I am very pleased with the box that I got for this month. 

The first item that I received was the Napoleon Perdis primer. I am really skeptical of  face products with a scent to them however I do like the scent and am excited to try it out. 

Then the Revive eye serum. 

Next the Alterna CC cream for your hair. I am really excited that I found this product in my box because I am actually a really big fan of hair products.

I totally forgot to take a picture of this product :( 

Then the lancer life serum. This product is for your skin and is supposed to "firm and lift" your skin. 

Then onto another product that I am really happy about is the Aerin beauty cream. Now I have to tell you that i have this really intense and slightly obsessive thing with roses and rose scented things. I absolutely adore them and I am really excited to try this product out. 

Finally, the Sulwhasoo cream. This cream is has an interesting scent that I am not too fond of. ( Korean herbs and red pine) It is supposed to leave your skin soft and healthy looking. I think that I will be the most critical of this product out of all of them. 

If you did like the products, I know that Glossybox is sold out but Goodman is selling the box online from their store for $40 if you would like to purchase the box.
I will post an update video on what products I did like and what I didn't on my YouTube channel! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is probably one of the most exciting post I have posted so far. I was going to wait till' tomorrow to post this but I can't. The excitement is too real. I have been trying some new products and some old ones that I have reconnected with. 

The first one is the Wonderstruck perfume by Taylor Swift. I got this perfume awhile back when it first came out and i didn't wear it as much but I did and still do loved it. I've been wearing it for the past couple months and I can't stop. It is a very soft floral scent with subtle notes of fruit and vanilla. I must say that one of the best things is the bottle and the charms. Its too cute. 

On to the my favorite May Essie polishes. From left to right, Mint Candy Apple, Muchi Muchi, and Bikini so Teeny. These three polishes are by far my fave for this May especially Muchi Muchi. The picture is rather accurate for the color. (A light pastel pinkish color) At first Bikini so teeny seems like a little weird for my skin tone but when I put it on and it dried, it was a really nice summer color, somewhat like a polka dotted bikini color. haha. How punny? Finally Mint Candy Apple. This one was raved about ever since it came out and it is a gorgeous color.

The next thing is the Falsies by Maybelline. Now, I know that everybody raves about it but so far I've been on this hunt to find the perfect mascara for my teeny tiny eyelashes. Of course, my hunt will never end but I have come to terms that the Falsies is my go to mascara. It elongates, volumes, and darkens them. 

Finally the last beauty items is the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I used this product as a cover up for my skin because I don't need a heavy cover up and it does the job nicely. However, it is on the pricier side but i do find that it isn't harsh on my skin and leaves my face nice and hydrated. 

Lastly, the last of the last is not a beauty product but a food item. ITS COOKIE BUTTER! Its so delicious. I can proudly and honestly say that i have finished one of these jars in a day. Of course with strawberries, you know to keep it healthy. This one is swirled with chocolate and it only makes it 100x better. The actually cookie butter swirl part has little pieces of cookies and tastes like a gingerbread type spread. You can pick up this jar at your local Trader Joes and you will totally thank me later. 

So that's it for my small may favorites and I hoped you enjoyed them. 
Let me know what are your favorite may items are? 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hey guys! Whats up? 

So recently I went to the Target that is by my school and glanced over the nail polish section. What a terrible idea!i have this thing with OPI colors. For some odd reason I don't like their colors but I love their formula. Nice coats, opaque, don't chip. Ugh, i cant. However, there is also the Essie polishes right next to them. Oh how they get to me! The cute white bottles and the pastel colors BUT I hate their formulas. Whatta struggle, lemme tell ya. 

I spotted one color in particular and it is the "Mer-Maid for Each Other" by Nicole by OPI. I know this line has been out for quite some time now but I've been living under a rock. A very comfortable rock I might add. The color is blueish green and its so epic. when you look at it under the sun it green but when you have youR nail sorta on a tilt, like when you write it comes off blue. It's so gorgeous and it totally stands up to its name. I guess I'm starting to like OPI and I getting super excited.

What are your favorite colors?  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

So I know I am totally late, but I have purchased my first Glossybox! Im uber excited to recieve the glorious pink box. For those of you who don't know what a Glossybox is, it is sorta like a magazine subscription but much better. Instead of a magazine, you get a box filled with six beauty products. They range from nail polishes to foundations and you answer a couple question to personalize your Glossybox. However, the box is $21 which is costly compared to Itsy and Birchbox which are only $10. But the reason that I choose the Glossybox over the other is because the others are more like sample sizes and maybe one full size product. The glossybox has more full sizes and less sample. BUT, the best part about the May 2014 box is the collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman. ( What a name my good sir!) 

The last collaboration they had was one of the best boxes to receive but I think that this one will be better. The Glossy Team has released a picture of what one selection will be and announced that they will also be giving a $25 gift card to Bergdorf Goodman stores (online and in-store plus there is no shipping fee, which is awesome.)  It basically pays you back for the 21 that you originally payed plus the beauty products. I suggest that every one go buy this month's Glossybox if you're really into beauty products and such.

Also when i purchased my first Glossybox, I made an account and then they sent me an email with 15% off because I couldn't make up my mind. To say the least they won me over. So i ended up pay $19 rather than $21, which was a bonus Jonas in my opinion.