Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hey guys! Whats up? 

So recently I went to the Target that is by my school and glanced over the nail polish section. What a terrible idea!i have this thing with OPI colors. For some odd reason I don't like their colors but I love their formula. Nice coats, opaque, don't chip. Ugh, i cant. However, there is also the Essie polishes right next to them. Oh how they get to me! The cute white bottles and the pastel colors BUT I hate their formulas. Whatta struggle, lemme tell ya. 

I spotted one color in particular and it is the "Mer-Maid for Each Other" by Nicole by OPI. I know this line has been out for quite some time now but I've been living under a rock. A very comfortable rock I might add. The color is blueish green and its so epic. when you look at it under the sun it green but when you have youR nail sorta on a tilt, like when you write it comes off blue. It's so gorgeous and it totally stands up to its name. I guess I'm starting to like OPI and I getting super excited.

What are your favorite colors?  

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