Saturday, November 21, 2015

Harney & Sons Soho!

You know that day when it absolutely gorgeous outside and you wonder why the heck you're going to school and work? Yea, that was me the other day. It was so beautiful, so instead of being a responsible student I decided to ditch everything and enjoy some really good scones. 

We went over to Harney and Sons in SoHo, which is this beautiful tea place. The second we stepped in we were instantly smacked in the face with the smells of fresh tea and buttery scones. It was hands down the best greeting ever.  At first we looked around the store to see all the little tea stuff they had but we couldn't contain ourselves, so we continued all the way to the back where the dining area is. We order vanilla scones with clotted cream and jam, ham and gruyere scones with ground mustard, along with caribe tea. It is a black tea with flavors of strawberry, guava, coconut, and hibiscus. 

These scones were unbelievably delicious! They came out warm to the touch and were plated so simplistically. They were not at all what I was thinking they were going to be. They were super soft and fluffy on the inside and had just a bit of a crunch on the outside. Sorta toasted to perfection in a way. I loved the vanilla scones with clotted cream and instead of the jam, we drizzled the honey from the tea. It was a match made in heaven. The clotted cream literally melted in my mouth. 

The ham scones, on the other hand,  were perfect just on their own. When you took a bite you could see the semi crunchy pieces of ham and little bits of pulled guyere cheese. I think the ham scones were my favorite. They just had the right balance to them. 

I literally felt like I was in a British movie just having tea and scones. It was so much fun and if I had to re do it and miss school, I'm not gonna lie I'd do it again.  

P.s.- I dont ever skip anything. Missing one day of school is like a sin for me but I've been on top of my school work and it was a day well deserved.


They had a wall of tea! It was massive and very impressive.