Monday, July 28, 2014


Over the weekend I've been stopping by this food flea market. Its called Smorgasburg you may have heard of it. I swear it was in my fate to stumble upon it. It was a total accident on how me met. I'll just get to the story. Once upon a time I was in a carriage with the King when we spotted it up from our trail. I had no clue what the heck it was. I was just excited to see a bunch of tents because all that means is a  glorious market. I thought it was a flee market with all those fresh fruits and veggies. So next thing you know we stopped by because of my incessant whining. We both took the long and treacherous trail to the mystery. It was burning hot. Like, no seriously. I probably sweated off what I ate. Anyway, I walked all the way to uncover the mystery and then the sign appears. In black print it read "Smorgasburg". I grabbed my dad and ran in like a child. It was epic. Ramen burgers, fries, coconut water, milkshakes, doughnut, oh myyyy! 

My first encounter 

Since they are only there on Sundays I of course have to go there more than once. 

Ramen Burgers!!!! 

Peep my milkshake 

Almond toffee ice cream sandwich, absolutely divinneee!!! 

Such a glorious sight of the ramen burgers in the making. 

P.s.- Can you tell that I have been watching way to many Once upon a time episodes at once? 

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