Thursday, July 17, 2014


I have been really into morning and night routine post and videos. They make me feel so inspired to actually get out of my bed and do something. 
Since it's summer I felt the need to push myself to work out a little. This morning I woke up around 10 o'clock, washed my face, grabbed a cup of water, and threw on my "gym clothes." Which is basically a pair of old leggings, an old shirt, and a sports bra. I did a couple of mins on the jumper and couple of arm lifts. My terminology is probably so off. You can totally tell how much I work out. 

 I was sweating like a pig even thought it was supposed to be a LIGHT workout but I immediately jumped into the shower. I have been recently using my Bath and Body works Moonlight Magic body soap. By the way does anybody else get really sad when you know you won't find your really good smelling body soap or is it just me? After I get out of the shower I moisturize and head to kitchen to EAT!! FOOD! YES!  

Now, I totally planned something healthy today but when I looked into the fridge the ingredients were gone. I guess that's what I get when I wake up at 10. So I opted for a ooey, gooey, and cheesier option along with a sliced up pear, a boiled egg, and honey lemon water.

After that I finished eating, I got dressed and ready for the rest of the day.

Shirt : Forever 21 
Bandeau : H&M
Shorts : Macy's 
Shoes : Guess

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