Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The love is unreal...

My love for tacos is never ending. I feel like you cant get any other satisfaction similar to when you eat a taco. Is it just me? Like if you want a burger and there isn't one near you,  you can be like oh this weird item with some funky looking meat and fake cheese will have to do but NOT a taco. Its a weird feeling isn't it? No food item will succeed lying to your stomach and be like "I'm a taco"  when its definitely not. 

Since this weird taco explosion has been hitting me hard I had to pick up a package of corn tortillas on my way over to the Pathmark. And then it all began. 

fried nutmeg tortillas, bassa, peach salsa, purple slaw, avocado cream= holy guacamole! 

Tacos for breakfast? why not? 
Corn tortilla, goat cheese, scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, parsley= O_o yaass! 

I still have a massive amount of tortillas so luckily the journey doesn't end here. :D

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