Friday, July 11, 2014

On one of my adventures around the city I stopped into a CVS and picked up a shampoo and conditioner that I have always wanted to try out from the OGX line. (pssst! Its on sale now! ) I have heard such good things from this brand and I cannot wait to try it out for myself.

I picked up the nourishing coconut milk shampoo   
and conditioner mainly because of the smell. I just love it when my hair smells like various fruits rather than any of the other smells out there. Is that weird of me? *thinks a little then shakes head* 

I have yet to try it mainly because I was tired and slept over someones apartment and didn't have this shampoo on hand. But I am lucky enough to see this face in the morning. Who could resist this face, like really? (She decided that she wanted my sock.) 

I will be posting a review of this shampoo and conditioner around the weekend when I get to try it out. :) 

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