Thursday, July 23, 2015

Re-potting my succulents! 

I picked up some succulents on a trip to Lowe's. I always find it weird that you can buy big man tools and cute little plants in the same place. I settled for cute little plants and picked up three succulents, which I'm totally regretting not getting way more. I think they're so cute, mini, and super easy to take care of. I don't even know when was last time I watered them... on that note I prooobbbaaably should water them like now. One sec, be right back. *Gets up and waters plants* 

So as I was saying, as I headed home with my baby succulents, I decided that I wanted to repot them into a giant fish bowl like thing. 

I think that the hardest thing was trying to stand them up straight in the bowl with such a tiny hole and two big hands. Some pieces fell off and some just couldn't hold themselves up and that's why there's a rubber band around one of them. haha. I will take it off once I put in more dirt and rocks, and it grows a little bit. But other than that I love it! Its like a little terrarium!


this one is called crassula rupestris.

This one didnt come with a tag 

this one is called sedeveria 'jet beads'

This one is so delicate that when I was putting them into the bowl a lot of the bead fell out but no worries. Its still alive and well. 

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