Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to make Homemade Brown Sugah! 
(Yes, the "h" is intentional. The New Yorker in me is oh so proud.)

My last post was about a peach cobbler I had made over the weekend. And oh man, that was so good. But one problem I had when I was gathering the ingredients was that I was missing brown sugar. I really didn't want to leave it out because the molasses adds a slight flavor to it, so leaving it out wasn't an option for me. 

I did remember that I had molasses and that brown sugar was just molasses and white sugar. So I headed to my computer and looked up the portions and low and behold, there it was! 

Its actually was easier  than I though it would be and it was kind of relaxing mixing the two together. So if you're ever in the same brown sugar crisis as I was at 10 pm all you have to do is mix 

1 Tablespoon of Molasses with 1 Cup of white sugar until you get something that looks like...

Its brown sugah!! 
I was so proud of it if you couldn't tell. haha 

Whoop whoop! 

Short story shorter...

My peach cobbler was saved and I no longer need to buy brown sugar. What a great day that was. 

PSSTT: Don't be alarmed, the orangish thing in the top left corner is the peach skins from the peach cobbler.

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