Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Peach Cobbler! 

Every time summer rolls around, I'm always saying I'm finally gunna make peach cobbler. "I'm going to do it! This is the summer!" Next thing you know I head to the store, pick some awesome looking peaches, and then by the next day they're all gone. I swear peaches have this gravitation pull to them. But, finally this weekend I set some aside and hid them in the fruit bowl. Their gravitational pull was weakened! SUCCESS!

So, I looked up a recipe online, which I will link at the bottom. Unlike most recipes I actually followed this one. I did cut the amount by four because I was only making it for four people and didn't need so much. However, I really wish I did make more cause it was so damn good. I think I want to try out different fruit cobblers and different methods while its summer and fruits are still so freakin' good. 

What summer desserts have you made so far? :) 

The recipe link : 

Look at all those peach juices!!! Ahh!

This was the mixture for the topping. 

Ugh, imagine vanilla gelato on top!

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