Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Adapted from Bethany Mota

I don't know about you but I have multiple canisters of pencils, crayons, brushes, and markers scattered all around my house. So when I first saw this DIY from a Youtuber named Bethany Mota, I made a note to self to make this DIY when it first came out. However, many months and toilet paper rolls later I was finally able to make it.

TIP #1- Save all your toilet paper rolls, seriously. 

All that you are going to need is- 

1.) A box of your choice
2.) Toilet paper rolls
3.) Glue
4.) Paint (optional) 
5.) Sparkles (optional) 
6.) Embellishes (optional) 

I already had a box that I liked so I didn't want to paint over it but I did add some flower embellishments. But if you do not like the box that you have by all means paint over it to your liking. :) 
Then decorate your rolls the way you would like them to look but keep in mind that you will not see most of them. For me, I had white rolls and some brown ones. As for the brown rolls that I had I didn't like them so I covered the tip of them with some silver glitter.
TIP #2 - Prepare to clean up a huge sparkly mess and expect it to be everywhereee even in places to 

Then on a piece of paper or a plate pour a puddle of glue and dip one end of a rolls into the puddle to coat the bottom. Place the glued side of the rolls into the box and repeat the process till you have all the rolls in its place and then TA-DA! You're done! 

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