Friday, June 20, 2014

Hellooo! Its almost officially summer! Two days ago it totally felt like summer. I was sweating and constantly taking showers. That is probably a little bit more than anyone would want to know. haha. Anyway, a long time ago (like last year) I was in Ikea and I saw a cute little shadow box of butterflies. It was the cutest thing but they were aligned in a military fashion which kinda bugged me. I wanted them more free looking and in flight like a butterfly should be. So i took it upon myself to get a shadow box and make my own little portrait of free spirited butterflies. 

You are going to need -
A shadow box frame 
X acto knife 


First thing that I did was paint the background of the butterflies since I knew that I was going to cut out the wings of the butterflies and I didn't want to see plain ole cardboard. Once you have painted that you may leave it to dry somewhere. 

Next onto the butterflies. Your creativity can come out to play here. I started drawing butterflies that I knew and then some that I had no idea what I was doing. I particularly love the orange one up top. 

After your creative side has outdone its self you can move onto cutting out the wings. Don't do it all the way just leave some of it attached so that you do not run the risk of ripping that poor guys wings off. I really liked it when it the wing just touches the frame but I messed up and had gotten a frame with really small depth to it.

Finally you can piece everything back together and enjoy your creation!!! This DIY is definitely more time consuming than other ones but it is so worth it. Once I was done with it I ended up hanging it in my room and its been there ever since.


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