Saturday, January 17, 2015

Nutella Filled Crinkle Cookies!

Over the weekend I made these amazingly delicious cookies from Laura Vitale and I had to show you guys! I made them literally three times this week and I don't regret one bit of it. However, on the second time I decided to fill them with Nutella cause' I was feeling extra funky. haha.
Since this isn't my recipe I just wanted to put in some tips if you do fill them with Nutella.

Tip 1- freeze little Nutella blobs for 15-20 minutes and take 4-5 of them out at a time. These little buggers melt quickly.

Tip 2- If you make too many Nutella blobs feel free to eat them or just throw them back into the jar. Don't worry, they'll melt like they were never frozen a day in their Nutella lives.

Tip 3- This one is super important and its more of a step to do rather than a tip to follow. Once you've rolled all the cookie dough around the Nutella blobs chill them again! This step makes them spread a lot less and look as if they didn't have the Nutella blob in them! 

The recipe from Laura Vitale-        

 The one in the far right was chilled and spread less, which also kept the sugar in place.

Let me know if you do make them!


  1. This looks absolutely uh-mazing! I'm definitely going to try them when I get some free time :)

    1. Thank you so much!!! Send me a picture if you do! :)