Sunday, January 11, 2015

Someday Summary-Friday

Right now I am eating some dark chocolate covered raisins while I wait for my peppermint hot chocolate to cool down and for my mom to finish cooking so I can finally eat dinner. I'm such a little piggy.

I'm kind of depressed because it is coming close to the middle of January and that means that I have to take all my Christmas tree and decorations away. I kind of want to keep them until the middle of July. Okay, maybe not.

I got extremely bored today with nothing to do so what do I do. I do my makeup, take a bunch of webcam pictures, and then chase my dog around the backyard in the cold. Completely normal, I assure you.

And yes, the picture in the far right corner I am burping. Classy, I know.

While I was doing my makeup, I re-realized that I really love the Pomegranate lip pigment from Bite Beauty. I know I've said it before but today I was reminded of how creamy and thick and pigmented it is.

My mom also told me about Bite Beauty Lab on Prince Street. It's this cute little place where you can customize a lipstick to your skin tone and they will melt the colors together right in front of you! How cool is that? I really want to make an appointment with my mom as we both enjoy Bite lip products. Can you tell I am a little Bite obsessed?

What's your favorite lip brand?


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