Thursday, December 4, 2014

December, old pal, old buddy, welcome back 

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I can't believe that its December already! I've been waiting for this month to come and it's finally here. :)

Here are some things I'm excited about for December:

Christmas decorations
spending time with family & friends 
New Years Eve 
cozy snowy nights 
finally getting to smell a Christmas tree
orange chocolates 
Christmas lights  
holiday movies 
The Hess commerical. haha, its the best
making snowmen and snow angels 
anything snowflaked shaped 
my birthday
wrapping presents 
red noses and rosy cheeks
Setting up my Christmas tree
decorating my house 
making cookies 
starting over in 2015 
darker makeup
Christmas sweaters
holiday music 
holiday onsies 

Let me know what your excited about for December!

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