Thursday, December 18, 2014

What I'm currently burning...

Since it gets darker a lot sooner, my favorite thing to do is to light my tree and burn Fresh Balsam because it smells exactly like Christmas trees. It isn't the prettiest of all the candles but it is the only candle that is half empty and diminishing as I type. 

I am also currently loving Vanilla Bean Noel and I now understand why everyone else loves it so much. It smells like something sweet with a little hint of vanilla. It kinda reminds me of Christmas sugar cookies...My nose maybe off on that BUT it does smell like something sweet. Haha 

  Next up is Winter Candy Apple. I haven't burned this one yet so if you have it, let me know what you think of it! :)

Last but not least is Banana nutmeg bread pudding. It is by far my favorite! It's that smell that makes you forget all your problems. Haha, maybe not but it's pretty close. It doesn't smell like bananas it smells more like nutmeg and warm spices but oh my goodness it smells so freaking good. If it was edible you bet your butt I would be eating it right now. (I'm sorry for the hostility, it just smells so good!) And that packaging! Props to whoever made it! 

What are you currently burning? 

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