Saturday, October 10, 2015

Snowballs & Gelato in NYC!

After a long day of studying and working from 6am to 4pm all I ever want is cake. No question about it. So I met up with my cousin, (HI NICOLE!!) and went on a hunt to go and kill our cravings, as we all do. The first stop was Empire Cake! 


 We got the coconut snowball and the swiss roll aka "ho-ho's." I actually never had a snowball before this because I'm not a big fan of the texture of coconut and every snowball is dipped in coconut shavings. But we decided to give it a go because if we were going to lose our snowball virginity it was going to be in an Empire. That's right, we're classy like that. 

If you didn't know what a snowball really is, don't worry cause I didn't either. In a nutshell its basically a cake filled with coconut creme, rolled in marshmallow and dipped in coconut shavings. My favorite part was the coconut creme center. It was perfect, if I could get a bowl of it, I would.

Next up was the Swiss roll and man oh man did this cake do wonders on my life. It was super chocolatey, super decadent, rolled up with whipped cream, and completely enrobed in bittersweet chocolate. It was literally amazing and it was huge! The fat kid in me didn't know what to do. 
The light whipped cream added the perfect balance to the decadent chocolate cake. 

After we ate our treats and overstayed our welcome we headed to Gelato Giusto!

We went in and ordered a pistachio and earl grey gelato. It was better than the  usual gelato I normally find. It was lighter, softer, and touch creamier. It didn't even taste the way I thought it would. The earl grey was a light tea taste not to over steeped which is perfect and the pistachio was on a whole other level. It didn't have that generic pistachio taste, it was a more real pistachio taste and I loved it. It sucks cause I think it might have raised my standards for other pistachio flavored gelatos.

Look how cute their decorations are! 

Last but not least we headed to Union Square and stopped at my favorite place called Fish's Eddy. It this cute little kitchen store that has those little vintage bits and bobs you need in your kitchen. Its basically the best place ever.