Saturday, October 17, 2015

Winter Revival | How to make your room cozy! 

I love love love when it starts to get colder. I know some people hate it because it means its going to get darker and dreary but I love it. It means all the candles and blankies come out. It gives me a reason to come home early and stuff my face with yummy comfort food and think about how close the holidays are. It basically what I live for really. 

So this past weekend I just got into the cleaning and redecorating my room phase. I wanted to make it more organized and most importantly cozy.

First thing I did was put away my summer sheets and pulled out my red fleece. This is my favorite part, to me it screams Christmas. I also couldn't forget about Scrump. Shes my buddy. Shes actually starred in a couple films. Her best was Lilo and Stich. ;) 

oh look at that close up. 

Next up... some CANDLES!! I recently made a pit stop at Bath and Body works and picked up some candles. Different smells for different rooms of course. But I wanted the pumpkin one in my room. I love lighting it at night so it illuminates my room with an orange-y glow and leaves a lingering pumpkin pie smell as well. 

    As I was cleaning, I collected my "everyday fall makeup" just like some eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, a red lipstick, and some small container of foundation and I put it into my eye glass case. It totally fits everything and its super duper handy. If I'm in a rush I just grab it and run. 

I also have a space in my closet that is open, so I can place some clothes outside to put on display. I decided to pull out all my comfy cardigans and favorite sweaters. I think there something special about walking in and seeing your sweater collection... I don't know, maybe its just me. 

Finally just to clear up some space on my wall. I tacked on a drawing I made in the summer. It says "Good Vibes" and when I wake up its the first thing I see. Good aura kinda thing.  Then I also had a lot of polaroids laying around so I got some string and clothing pins and I made a little line of pictures and ticket stubs! I'm thinking of painting the clothing pins gold...

Are you excited for the fall time and whats your favorite candle? 

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