Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crispy Baked Sriracha Chicken Wings! 

The love I have for deep fried chicken wings is literally endless. They're crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. When there's an easy way to make them and it doesn't include the deep fryer that I don't have, I am all over it. 
Did you know that boiling chicken wings then baking them makes them super crispy?! Yea,me neither. Had absolutely no clue...
 But anyway, let get on to the recipe! 

First things first, you want to get a pot of boiling water ready to go. Then you just drop in all your chicken wings and boil them for 10 mins. You're not looking to cook them all the way, you just want them to lose some of the fat, which is about 10 mins for me. 

Next you want to pull them out of the water and dry them the best you can. The drier, the crispier is the motto we're going for. 

Then mix in a touch of oil, salt, and pepper to taste. I add a little Hungarian paprika just cause I was feeling it, but its not needed.

I like to arrange them with the skin side touching the pan to make sure they really get crispy. Then bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 35 mins, flipping them once after 20 mins. 

Meanwhile, I made the holy grail of sauces. Its so simple yet so good. All you have to do is mix equal parts butter and sriracha. You can totally add more sriracha than butter but I'm a wimp and can't take the heat. I should just stay out of the kitchen. badum tss... Yeahh, I'll just let myself out. 

Last but not least, the part where harry meets sally. Toss together the sriracha goodness with the hot and crispy chicken wings and prepare to be in food heaven. Its a great place to be, I plan on retiring there. 

Do you see that claw in the top right? Yea she couldn't wait either. 

If you try them out, let me know how you like them!