Friday, September 5, 2014

Product Review 

I went to Whole Foods this week with no intentions of getting anything but obviously it never works out that way. I always end up in the soap isle. I'm that weirdo that sniffs every single soap bar to my hearts content. I picked a funky looking soap bar and I fell in love. It didn't have a name tag on it so I had know clue what I was smelling but it didn't matter. It was love at first sniff. 
I did end up searching it online and it was, of course, citrus pop! Its so funky looking, I love it. 
If you get it online its $6.50 per bar but I got it pre-sliced and weighted (20.99 a pound)  and I payed around 5 bucks. 
I haven't gotten around to trying it out because I am currently using the sensitive skin dove bar, but as soon as that one is finished (which it almost is!) I will let you know. Pinky Promise. 

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