Thursday, September 25, 2014

My five favorite things about Fall

To me Fall is the beginning of all things amazing. It starts getting colder and fairy lights start popping up everywhere. It's so cute and festive! So to kick off the Fall spirit here are my 5 favorite things about Fall.

1.) Hot drinks- Who doesn't freakin' love a good ole hot cocoa? Some whip, some marsh, some mellow, ya feel? haha. 

2.)Sweater and leggings- There' s nothing better than wearing clothes with a little wiggle room. 

3.)The color Burgundy- Yes, just yes. Khloe Kardashian and burgandy lips anyone? 

4.)Rain- I know this is a weird one but I love the sound and smell of rain. I could just stay in my bed all day and i'll be okay because of the rain. 

5.)SWEETS!- Cookies, chocolate, and candy GALOREEE!! Need I say more. 

🍂 What are some of your Fall favorites? 🍂


  1. I love cookies and hot chocolate in fall. Sweaters are no exception. Great post and you look great.