Monday, August 11, 2014

The Ultimate Love  

I have an upcoming hair appointment that has been long overdue, somewhat like a year and a half over due. I can already foresee what I am going to get : 6 inches off, angles, layers, fringe a little passed my eyes. The same old boring routine. 

I want to jump out of my comfort zone and get something a wee bit different but I don't know what yet but I did find some Hairspiration to help me take the big leap.  

I mean look for yourselves... 

Carrie Fletcher
 Seriously? Really? C'mon! 

Zoe Sugg

Meredith Foster


Who is your hairspiration? 

By the way if you follow me on Bloglovin', ( I have two blogs written but they are the same. I just changed the name a while back and never realized that it didn't change everything else when I did. 

Of course, all the pictures I used are not mine and all the right are reserved.

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