Monday, August 25, 2014

Goodbye Summer 

Yesterday was the last Sunday of my summer and I didn't want to do the usual lounging around the house. I wanted to stay home and just relax but I knew I would have regretted it if I didn't do something. After 4 hours of decision making we decided to keep it local. A trip to the ever-so-famous Target, Trader Joe's, a little dash of Lowe's, and a crab feast to end the day. 

Highlights of the evening:

Me: * Looking at a bowl with Pokemon that says "Pocket Monsters" on it.* OMG! Did you know that Pokemon is an abbreviation for Pocket Monster.
Dad: Yea, everyone did. 
Me:  Wait really?  
Dad : Yea, you're like ten years late.

Dad: Crabs are the ant of the sea. 
Me: Aren't crabs the ant of the sea just like the boogers are the poop of the face? 
Dad: *turns to me with this weird look and we both start laughing

I think this dinner was somehow in my destiny because I drew this nautical theme thing just a day before the dinner.


My drink was glorious. It was a blackberry lime spritzer!

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