Monday, August 18, 2014

DIY Jewelry Holder and Bloggers Hardships

You know those times when you find the most random and weirdest things hidden in your basement ? Yeah, that was me last weekend. I found some old plates, some dust, some Christmas stuff, and some stuff you just want to pretend you never saw. I love those stuff, don't you? 
Anyway I took those plates and wash them and headed off to the Ikea and Home Depot. where I picked up a little cup, saucer, and a dowel rod and got crackin'. 

First things first, I'm the realest. Nope sorry, just wanted to get that out. The first thing is to paint them. I used some Martha Stewart glass paint and then let them dry for about a day. After that I just glued everything. Plate, stick, plate, stick, plate, cup. I let it dry and then finito! 

Come today I wake up its all in one piece and I want to take a picture with the sunlight. I pick it up and head outdoors for the right angle of light to hit it. Low and behold the right spot on a slanted table. *places it down steadily and picks up camera* CRACK. Fann-tastic! Luckily only the top popped off and I just had to glue it back on. Oh, but do you a good friend of mine called gravity, yeah he's an ass. 

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