Thursday, February 5, 2015

Favorite Bloggers


I think everyone has their own way of checking out their blog feed. You could read the title, look at the picture, or even look for specific people. For me, I usually just scroll through my feed and look at the picture I like and click on them or sometimes if I want to creep, Ill look up some specific people and see if they posted anything new. For some reason I always seem to pick from some of the same bloggers within my feed. These five lovely blogs are the ones that I constantly find myself reading even when I don't notice it.

I love them for all different kinds of reasons. The Sunday Girl and Temporary Secretary are among my favorite because of their beauty reviews. I get my daily beauty product fix from them because they go so in depth about the pros and cons of the products. I love everything from the way they describe the product and to way the photograph it.

 The next two I really love because they are a bit more personal which is really nice. They have a range of topics that they talk about but the personal post are among my favorite ones. They are Sailboat and Miss Julia Paige (P.S.- Both bloggers are super nice! :)  They both write with such eloquence. Oh my word, I just used the word 'eloquence'. I feel so smart. Okay, moving on to...

 World of Wanderlust! I love, love, love reading about her trips around the world and her helpful little travel tips for the average traveler. She captures them so beautifully and her story is really inspiring. I also think I live vicariously through her. haha.

These five blogs are among my personal favorites and are run by super smart and beautiful girls. Let me know what your favorite blogs are at the moment! I'd love to give them a little look.


  1. Thank you so much for including me and saying such lovely things! You've made my day <3 xo