Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bite Beauty-Best Bite Remix 

Left to Right : Pomegranate, Sable, Winterberry, Rhubarb 

Clearly, they are all well loved. 
 My swatches suck! 

I think everyone has a soft spot for their first real lipstick purchase. Mine was Pomegranate from Bite beauty and not gonna lie I do have a soft spot for them. I saw some of their Christmas-y stuff online and my mom was in need of a new lip product so of course the first counter we went to was the Bite Beauty one. Swatch after swatch after endless swatch she ended up leaving happily with the Best Bite Remix. 

It comes in a really cute red Altoids-y can with a mirror. Which was a total plus when my mom couldn't wait and was putting it on outside of Sephora. It comes with four minis of their lip pencil in the shades :  Pomegranate, Sable, Rhubarb, and Winterberry. 
Pomegranate is a bold "Hollywood" red color.
Sable is a nude pink color
Winterberry is a purple-y berry color. 
Rhubarb is more of a light plum-y color. 

My mom really loves Rhubarb but I've been trying to convince her that Winterberry would look great on her since she not a red lip kinda girl. But overall she is really pleased with it. :) 

P.s - Winterberry and Sable might be limited edition! 

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