Monday, October 13, 2014

Sephora Newbie 

My first ever Sephora purchase 
My bottom lip has the watermelon lip tint while my top lip has nothing .

I know, I know. I'm super late. I promise I haven't been living under a rock for four years not knowing what the naked pallet was. I did, I just never really cared for makeup that much when it first came out. In my defense I was only about 13-14 when it came out. 
But now its like every time I step into Sephora I just gravitate towards the Urban Decay section.  
They're all really gorgeous,which is why I stood in Sephora like a creep for an hour trying to pick which one would be best for my skin tone. I eventually settled on the Naked 2 because it wasn't too dark and wasn't pink. Don't get me wrong I like pink but just not for everyday makeup wear. 
I also picked up a Bite Beauty Lip Tint in the shade Watermelon. This has been my everyday lip product and I have been loving it! It's been one of my most loved item so far. It tints my lips just a slight bit pink and its super moisturizing. I kinda want to try out the other tints. *Mischievous smile* 

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